School of Rock – Day 1 – Silence, Safety, Tools, and Goals



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We will be logging our daily practice with Paper Practice Logs

We will be using the JamZone and books.

What did you think about today’s introduction to Music Will resources?


Image of Gordon Hempton
Image by Richard Darbonne, © All Rights Reserved.

Listen to

Write a short reflection on what you thought about silence and listening from Gordon Hempton


Watch 15-minute video Listen Smart

Add details to the notes below that you found interesting…

  • Goal: listen to music in a way that will enrich but not harm you
  • 10%-20% of high schoolers have hearing damage
  • Hearing damage can happen on one occasion and doesn’t have to be constant
  • No cure!
  • Temporary Threshold Shift: “hearing hangover”
  • Wearing earplugs doesn’t change the quality of sound but just the volume
  • High-frequency loss is most common among musicians
  • Distancing yourself from the source and earplugs is the best way to prevent hearing loss
  • Stimulants while listening to music can increase the risk of hearing damage
  • Resting your ears is important, space out concerts
  • 70 dB, no risk
  • 85 dB, risk after 8 hours
  • 91dB, 2 hours without damage
  • 100 dB, 15 minutes without damage
  • 115 dB, 1 minute without damage
  • 140 dB, immediate damage and pain
  • Symptoms of damage, tinnitus, muffled hearing, and other mental and physical problems like irritability, depression, high blood pressure, and fatigue
  • Damage is done when the cochlea hair cells in the inner ear are damaged. They do not grow back. These are what interpret vibrations and turn them into what we hear.

Safety Online

Participate in the Internet safety discussion about being safe online


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Explore the basics of

Write a learning reflection here after exploring some songs.


Listen to a chapter of The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin

Go for a walk and think about the chapter.

When you come back, write a short reflection and then share with the group what you thought about.


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We will work on materials when ‘on stage’.

This is the performance room.

Reflect on which instrument you picked to work on first.


Tell your daily story here!  Highlight what you learned and enjoyed most.  Also, share what you needed to do to complete the day’s work. Problem-solving is one of the most important skills you need in life. Employers want to know HOW you get stuff done as much as what you got done.


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