School of Rock – Day 5 – Rhythm Basics


Write your daily summary last, at the end of the day here… Only one to two sentences.


Watch How Rhythm Works (47 minutes)

Write notes of topics you want to remember.


Step 1: Watch Drum Arrangements Made Simple and learn how to create a simple groove and fill-ins.

Step 2: Learn how to Arranging Drums in Hookpad

Step 3: (Optional) Explore Advanced Drum Arrangements in Hookpad.

How was this activity? Write a reflection on what you did and learned.


Time for the right hand to take center stage (if you are a right-handed guitar player).

Watch Mike Palmisano show you how to play guitar like a drummer.

Find a Funklet beat you like.

On guitar, play along with the beat trying Mike’s guitar strumming technique.

Write a brief reflection on how both of these exercises are working.

A Side Note


Flip through the Quizlet on Rhythm Terminology flashcards a couple times.

Image Metric levels from the Wikimedia Commons

After playing with Quizlet, go for a walk and think about the rhythm of your steps.  How many beats per minute is your walk/pace/cadence? What is the tempo of some of your favorite songs?  How many beats per minute is your favorite tempo?

Write a brief reflection on your mental meanderings.


Funklet is back!  This time in the studio. Pick a drummer, like Clyde Stubblefield. Play around with their a beat with Funklet’s editing options. Play a rhythmic guitar strumming pattern over the beat. Practice playing in time with the beat. Try muting the strings and keeping tempo, chucka-chucka style. Watch this chucka-chucka tutorial, to better understand the technique.


Funklet is back, AGAIN!  This time in the control room.

Pick a drummer.

Export the MIDI file.

Import it into Soundtrap.

Record a rhythmic guitar strumming pattern over the beat.

Watch Mr. Le Duc’s Tutorial for Exporting and Importing MIDI Files with Funklet, HookLab, and Soundtrap, if you get stuck with any of these steps.


Tell your daily story here!  Highlight what you learned and enjoyed most. Problem-solving is one of the most important skills you need in life. Employers want to know HOW you get stuff done as much as WHAT you got done.


  • Give feedback on the class Content and Process
    • Participation will be part of your leadership project due at the end of the course
  • Fill in the Daily Activity Evaluation

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